In the heart of Central Asia lies an ancient land, beautiful and majestic culture and a people whose friendliness puts the West to shame

Where Strangers Become Family

and the traditions of the Nomad draw you in to life
as natural partner with Nature

Mongolia is both a place of wonder and an out of this world experience. Yet at its heart is the heart of a people who welcome you as family at first meeting. A nation proud of a heritage of strength, knowledge and at-onement with the great Mother, their provider, sustainer and nurture. Respect is a natural force coursing the veins of these people. Reflected in the land it makes every mountain, steppe and valley shine.

Lying between China to its south and west and Russia to the north with Kazakhstan to its left, it stands proudly steeped in a history often much maligned by Western interpretation. Landlocked yet proud. Its most famous figurehead Ghengis Khan spread his Kazakh roots into a far reaching khandom establishing a nomadic empire rooted in strength, persistence and discipline. His perceived violent rule was no more nor less than any powerful state. The generations following his steps even today hold a pride and warmth for community and people. In a world forgotten nomadic living, the Mongol keeps the flame alive.



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