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"Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!"

PT Barnum

At Living Zen we are proud to be associated with great creative talent from all fields of endeavor.
In the spirit of helping each other we love promoting those we feel have so much to offer.

Towards that end here are a few of those we feel moved to promote:

Craig is one of the foremost composer, producer, musician creative greats in Craig Pruessthe industry. His music iconography stretches over film, television, recorded and live performance. An American who found the energies of the UK more conducive to his crreativity, he has lived and worked here over the last few decades. His soundtracks for major movies such as Bend in Like Beckham, It's a Wonderful AfterLife and Bride and Prejudice alongside his TV scores, including the recent BBC production Moses Jones have nailed his creative expertise to the industry mast.
Source his music here - Yogaez


The Ganda BoysThe Ganda Boys grew from an auspicious meeting on the set of BBCs "Moses Jones", which Craig Pruess had been commissioned to score. The subsequent success of the Ugandan contingient part and marriage to Craig's production and musical skills has produced a group of musical talent blasting its way into the whole musical scene from world music to rock. As powerful as Simon and Garfunkel, Dylan and ELO were to the 2oth century, the Ganda Boys are to the 21st century.
Peace, Protest and Love has never looked so strong. Catch their music here at Yogaez


Robert SachsRobert and Melanie Sachs have worked in alternative medicine, yoga, T'ai Chi andMelanie Sachs other forms for well over 30 years . In his dedication to seeing people receive information that is both relevant and useful to their daily living, the work of Robert Sachs covers every facet of the human experience.

Along with his wife, Melanie, Robert has pursued studies in Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda for over a decade.  Recognized by such teachers as Dr. Deepak Chopra and other physicians of both eastern and western traditions, their published works in this field are considered to be the clearest and most usable texts available.


Larry Wilson Great Game of LifeLarry Wilson, sadly passed recently, was a huge influence on both of us at Living Zen. Like many hundreds of thousands of others whose path he crossed, we would never be the same. In short his Great Game of Life brought us both the game changer bringing us from less being to being. In all the work we do with others in whatever form it is dressed, Larry's teachings and sharing of how to negotiate this great game sings through and is deeply embedded into our core.
He left us all his iconic "Play to Win", a book that has launched so many into success and life fulfillment.

Find out more about The Great Game of Life, The Dumb Rat Society and watch Larry share his insights.


Patricia BischPatricia Bisch has brought a new awareness and approach to weight loss. Using the mind to change patterns rather than the usual suspects. Since mind controls everything we do, this approach, although demanding determination has proved most successful and long lasting.
The mind is the new developmental arena for humanity. On many levels we are controlled through our mental development or lack of it.

For anything to become successful and growth enabling, the mind needs to be brought to bear far more. It moves from a primarily physical approach to a mental approach. This is where Patricia's work is so ground breaking and successful. Bringing new purpose and meaning to the old addage "It's all in the mind!"


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