Living Zen started off like most
things ... as an idea. 

In our humble opinion, a good idea.
As two individuals, both creative and talented in multiple arenas we, Jonathan and Virve Trapman felt it would be good to use our resources and resourcefulness to help others on their path and journey. 

Having shared our personal development journey, we began inviting others to physically journey with us across continents, to places less visited, such as the Altai regions of Siberia, the vast plains of Mongolia and the huge resourceful and beautiful lands that make up Kazakhstan. We created spiritual journeys with musicians, opening up energetic centres through the ancient landscapes of England. We write, translate and musically express our love of life. Helping others in similar fields and creative arenas to spread their knowledge and gifts.
Today continuing this altogether fascinating life journey we immerse more and more. As individuals who adore life in all its patchworked glory, its richness of experience and full on challenges, we say - bring it on and let's us share it together...... 

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.

Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow.

Let reality be reality.

Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like - Lao Tzu

Jonathan Trapman

A life of professional photography, writing and creative pursuits established him as a passionate creative power driver. His work has been published and exhibited across the globe. He has written for both UK and International media, appeared on radio and television both in the UK and internationally. Presently he is working on the second of seven novels making up his major opus The Freedom Cycle. The first, Dreams and Realities is in print and preparing for  film and T.V.
Multi lingual, global minded, loving technology in its rightful place, with wife Virve they both passionately embrace life. Together they have translated and published one of the world's most prolific as yet, undiscovered mystical poets, Hoja Ahmed Yassawi. This 11th century mystic Sufi poet and saint's Englsih translation Divine Wisdom (Diwani Hikmet) was published in December 2013 through Living Zen Books

Virve Trapman
Born in Russia, brought up in Estonia, Virve is blessed with experiences and life events  helping her gain unique perspective on many cultures, ways of being and how things tick. Her depth of empathic resonance, her skills as a major health, both spirit, body, mind, has afforded access to many facets of the human condition in her healing work. Her creative skills in art, fabric and design enables her to bring life and healing into the home and workplace.
Her interpersonal insights and skills, ability to help others identify and challenge their life patterns have over many years helped many make breakthrough a life changing event. With husband Jonathan, her multi lingual skills have helped them both create a team on hand to help in such a variety of life events, they rarely find a moment not vibrating with resonance, meaning and bountiful joy. Co-translating Diwani Hikmet into a first ever English translation in nearly 900 years, they continue to use their literary and linguistic skills in other areas. Her own Stories of Fabulous Fables is set to go to print in 2022.

Do you dream of getting your skills and talents out there into the world?

Are you moved and have the urge to journey to the wild, exotic and magnificent?

If you feel some kindred spirit with us then let's chat and see how we can help each other - Contact Us



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