Journeys with Living Zen

"A step onto the path is a step toward success. 
A leap into the unknown is a gesture of faith that 
is rewarded with greatness” 

Discover the Altai, Central Asia and Silk Road

The new world is no longer the Americas. There is a world where ancient civilisations, peoples and cultures have been informing, supporting and creatively inspiring others for millennia. This is utterly unknown or little known to many in the so called West. Along these corridors of ancient times we share a journey not only eye opening but so often life changing. Such places hold sacred and ancient wisdom. Such wisdom can be imparted to open minds and honest inquiry.

The ancient Silk Road route carried not only silk from China but precious spices, art forms, ideas, foods, fabrics and new sciences. Places like Samarkand, Bukhara, Taskent, Almaty, Hazrat-el-Turkestan all in Central Asia conjure up the magic that was the original Silk Road. Today this magic has not dimmed in spite of magnificent edifes having crumbled.

To the North in a part of Southern Siberia within the Russian Federation lies the Republic of Altai. This ancient seat of pre history's Ice Maiden holds one of the world's most sacred montians, Mount Belukha. Positioned at the nexus of four great countries, Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia its potent placement could not be more powerful.

Living Zen takes select groups of travellers on journeys that open eyes, minds and perspectives, so needed in this modern world filled with so much confusion, ideology and ignorance.

They say travel broadens the mind. Well, if a participant's mind is not broadened having journeyed with us then it is more than likely we never travelled at all!

New faces, new tastes, new cultures and travel experiences are on offer. Living Zen will be your guide within this multifaceted landscape.

Discover some of the places we have taken groups to over the years. Come discover new places we have yet to visit in group.

Our groups are not large, they center on offering life changing experiences, connecting with lives utterly foreign, different and most beautiful. With our background as Russian and English and many time visitors through a life time of global travel and work, those joining us will get a unique insight into other cultures and meet extraordinary new people.

Fishing on Lake Kucherla

The Moment of Meditation

Men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it’s not fish they’re after - Thoreau

Mausoleum of Hoja Ahmed Yassawi

Hazrat-el-Turkestan, Southern Kazakhstan

Taste just one drop from the pitcher of Love - Hoja Ahmed Yassawi

Mount Belukha, Altai

Gateway to Shambhala

That which human hands would divide, life itself unites. At a time when East and West are conventionally counter-opposed, life itself molds the foundations of one wisdom - Nichloai Roerich Altai 1926

Joy of Life - Mongol style

Laughter is universal - One smile

The people of Altai Mongolia know and cherish their landscape holding it a sacred part of life in their community.
The nomadic Mongols live with and off the land as they have done for millennia.

Unforgettable Images

Sometimes the journey is slow as images are many

The long three day trek to Mt Belukha is peppered by photo opportunities of great beauty. Every meadow and edge of Taiger (miniature dense forests) offers unforgetable views and memories.

Altai Cowboy

Home on an amazing range

The best friend of every Altaian and traveler is the horse. Sturdy, resilient and with minds of their own they are the faithful friends to all - and sometimes life savers!

Altaian Hospitality

Never more willing to invite you in for tea and a good chat in our repsective languages!

Altai is nothing if not friendly. The landscape may be challenging in places but everywhere the hospitality is über Russian - in fact it's pure Altaian and that translates as the most friendly place you'll visit.

Habitat for Snow Leopard

Treasured and protected by the Altai people

The endangered beautiful Snow Leopard is known by Altaians to be their great treasure apart from the Ice Princess. In Altai the Snow Leopard is profoundly looked after, though its presence is rarely witnessed by humans. It is said that only a few know its whereabouts and that remains a secret well kept.



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