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DIwani Hikmet Divine Wisdom Hoja Ahmed Yassawi

Divine Wisdom - Diwani Hikmet

by Hoja Ahmed Yassawi
Translated in English by
Jonathan and Virve Trapman

This first ever translation into English of the 10th century Sufi poet and saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi has been a blessed gift and honor for Living Zen Books to have been the publisher of Jonathan and Virve Trapman's astounding, ground breaking translation

The Freedom Cycle from Jonathan Trapman

The Freedom Cycle - Volume 1 - Dreams and Realities

Jonathan Trapman's first volume in The Freedom Cycle

This based on a true story thriller is the curtain raiser to the heptalogy that is The Freedom Cycle. Living Zen Books is thrilled to be able to publish this epic work and the first novel that reveals the background to much of today's shenanigans and political power intrigues. You'll not put it down!

Living Zen Books publishes extraordinary books

Living Zen Books

A publisher defying political correctness, silenced speech, views and debate

At Living Zen Books we believe the written, audible and video driven word is sacrosanct. Free speech is a basic tenet and foundation of a free society. Responsible, educated and intelligent debate must be always be aired. Common Sense the arbiter, a respectful ear the guage.

Made by Grandma™

Teddy Bears of Individuality and Distinction

Promoting probably some of the most unique Bears on offer is a joy. Each individual bear has personality, charm and hugability. Virve Viigand, designer and creator of Made by Grandma™ bears has utilised her passion for patchwork, her skill as a creative master to bring joy and lifelong pleasure to many.

Shakti Shots™

Coffee like you have never enjoyed so much

Promoting a single drop coffee additive of a 5 main spice mixture allows Shakti Shots to stand alone as the most original, beneficial and easy way to make your regular cup (or caffetiere) of coffee the most enjoyable and argueably healthy cuppa you will experience. Shakti Shots™ takes all the negative aspects out and leaves the caffeine pleasure in

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