What to Bring on a Trip

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So what to bring on my Trip?

What to Bring on a trip!

Although many people associate Siberia with bitter cold and frost bite, remember it is summertime when we travel to the Altai Region and the temperature can easily be in the '70ºs and 80ºs F (25º-30ºC).

You need to bring clothing that is suitable for a very pleasant summer's day. This goes for Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. If we travel to Southern Kazakhstan in the late Spring/early Summer it is still very pleasant.

The nights can be on the chilly side so a good sweater or coat is excellent. Clothing that can cope with trekking and horseback. Footwear - hiking/climbing boots, all-weather sandals or strong walking shoes are important. Trainers are not really ideal for the mountains although we have seen some wear them but they looked well trained.

The downside of trainers is they do not grip well for climbing through forests and steep slopes and worst of all offer no protection for ankles if you miss a step. Some of the taiga can be very challenging and a good hiking boot is well worth the investment for safety and of course comfort.

In Southern Kazakhstan good sandals are fine. Please note women need to have use of head covering as many sites are within Muslim communities. They are very understanding and accomadating however respect for each culture is polite and shows maturity.

Good walking boots give incredible support for the ankles. They give cofidence while walking.

Tents are supplied so sleeping bags need to be brought. Undermats are really useful. Gloves, walking sticks are optional - cameras, videocams - torch - Swiss army knife or equivalent (pack it in hold luggage) - water bag or bottle (optional) - rucksack for clothing etc. Waterproof bags and weatherproof shawl to cover body if it rains. 

On the mountain treks we will have horses to ride/carry though you may be expected at times to carry your packs

Waist pouch for passport, money, essentials. Small thermos for 'hot drinks on the road' - Although the horses can carry a lot - travel light, only bring essentials, especially remembering at times in the Taiga you may have to help the horses with unburdening them!

Any other specific bits for a particular journey will be notified from the outset.

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