The magical, unspoilt jewel that lies
at the heart of Central Asia

When the Divine Created the World

Altai was asked to be a testament to Her beauty

The Altai region is situated in the southern part of Siberia. Nestling on a nexus point, energetic and powerful. Its four sides are bordered with Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia .

Siberia is a mysterious land, keeping the traces of ancient civilizations and untouched nature alive. Nature's elements - fire, air, earth, and water - interlace in harmony with the landscape of this great country. embracing the stewardship of the human population, deeply attunerd to its magical configuration.

It is so strong that you feel the invisible power in every rustle of the tree leaves, every capful of wind, in the shaman's movements during  rituals at the fireplace, in the ringing silence of the Khakassian Steppes, within the fascinating rhythm of the monksĀ“ voices in the Buddhist temple, and in the majestic running of the main vital water-way of the ancient earth - Yenissey - the ancient wisdom of the world.



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