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Mongolian children
Mongolian children
Glacier rivers and waterfall in Altai
Glacier streams
Mount Belukha at sunset
High altitude swimming
Hoja Ahmed Mausoleum Turkestan
Hoja Ahmed Yassawi Mausoleum

"..there ain't no journey what don't change you some.”
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

The Journeys we embark on at Living Zen are always life changing. Then what journey, in truth, is not?
We share inner journeys, outer journeys and all journeys in some respect or other replenish, refuel and renew. Be they to the depths of Siberia, Outer Mongolia, The Silk Road or around Glastonbury, Avebury or the Outer Hebrides.
In 2016 we are journeying to Southern Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the magic of the Spice Trail and Silk Road. We will be visiting Turkestan, where the Sufi mystic Yassawi wrote his Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom). A trip to the Altai region of Southern Siberia is planned for Summer 2016
Previous travels to the Altai and Mongolia saw us climb towards sacred peaks, visit shamen and retrace some of the steps of the great Nicolai Roerich into the Valley of the Mother of the Earth.

All our journeys are self educational, fun, adventurous and challenging. Not necessarily in that order.

Take a look at some of the trips to Altai Siberia and a typical plan. Also the Kazakh trip of 2014


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