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"It is within the breathe of a sleeping child that the world turns"
Le Petit Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

How children draw their nightmares
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Nightmares for most of us are the stuff of the occasional childhood fear and dread, source of adult worry or what turns dollars aorund Halloween in Hollywood.
Yet as much we may feel comfortably far from all of that there are many children in the world whose lives are a nightmare day and night. None more so than in Palestine, where many thousands of children know little else.

Norwegian Refugee CouncilDreams are a horrendous replay of what they witness during the day. Sleep is a luxury, so often missing. Concentration at school falls dramatically, mental stability falls down and normal life merely lives in hope someday it will all go away.One such NGO, the World Peace One FoundationNorwegian Refugee Centre has been established in the Middle East aiding, supporting and offering solutions amidst the terrors of war, displacement and wretchedness. In Palestine, in both Gaza and the West Bank one of the most successful solutions they pioneer is through the Better Learning Program. This program works with traumatised children bringing release and release, through psycho-educational techniques, from the traumatic effects of the conditions children are faced with and live through. The video above shows how children visualise these situations.
Palestinian childrenTo help the NRC in its work, relying on the generosity and compassion of all of us, Living Zen has set up a fundraising initiative to allow the wonderful work being done to continue offering children a better future, devoid of the current daylight and nocturnal mental torture they endure.



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